Glass Repairs

As a service to our customers CANSCI Glass will provide repair service for most types of broken, chipped or cracked glassware.  If for some reason an item can not be repaired, we can salvage re-usable parts and manufacture from scratch.

We do ask that glassware sent to us be reasonably clean, or at least let us know what contamination might be there, so we can clean it before working on it.  The health of our glassblowers is very important to us.

CANSCI Glass can also clean fritted ware by firing in our annealing ovens; sometimes this is the only way to get the frit clean.  Please let us know what contamination might be; some can be hazardous when vaporized.

When your glassware is received by us, a quote will be given to you by telephone or email, stating the number of repairable items and the total cost.  We will also provide a quote for the replacement of any items which we feel are not repairable.